What to ExpectAttending a new church or going to a church for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. We have so many questions, and we don’t even know where to begin! We want to do our best to answer your questions and give you a “feel” for what our worship gatherings are like.

Our gatherings are not always the same, but we’ve found a basic structure that seems to help us accomplish our goals. One thing to keep in mind is that we do not have a problem with you asking questions, so feel free to either grab one of our pastors or to contact us for more information about certain parts of the gathering that you do not understand!

The Substance of Our Worship Gatherings
Our weekly worship gathering takes place every Sunday morning, starting at 10am. Because we believe that the Holy Spirit has been at work in Jesus’ church for more than just the past twenty years, we tend to include a blend of past and present expressions of worship. A typical worship gathering will include a time of singing, teaching from the Bible, and more singing. We also provide an opportunity for people to give tithes/offerings to support the ministries of the church and share a few brief announcements. At the end of every gathering, we’ll give people the opportunity to receive prayer for whatever situation they are in by a group of trained prayer team members.

Nurseries & Children’s Ministries
For Parents w/ Infants or Toddlers: Located in the back of our meeting space is a Kid’s Quiet Room. During the Sunday worship gathering, we invite parents who have more active children to relax with their kids in this room. This provides a place where parents can hear the music and message broadcast to the room but give the kids the ability to move around a bit. We would simply ask that you respect others who are trying to listen to the service and keep the volume down to a level where everyone can listen.

For Children in grades K-5: We want our children to experience God’s love through worship, age-appropriate activities and interaction with other children. After we’ve sang some songs, we’ll have the children follow our children’s leaders to their class rooms.

During our message we also have a staffed nursery for children 3 and under.

Community Groups
Throughout the week, small groups of people gather together to study Scripture and pray together. These “community groups” tend to encompass 6 week studies and the people and subjects change over the course of the year. At every Community Group gathering, there is a time of fellowship (and often snacks), a brief study, and a time of prayer for any needs that people may have. These gatherings are focused on fellowship and discipleship.

Finding a Church
Perhaps you’re not sure what exactly to look for in a church community. Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon our website and you’re much to far away to visit us. We’d like to encourage you to read Alistair Begg’s article, “Finding a Good Church.” The article explores the foundational themes of Acts 2:42 and shows that,

“If you are seeking a church, seek one where the Word is proclaimed, where the sacraments and prayer are honored, and where worship is reverent. Seek a church where the fellowship is characterized by joy and generosity, and where the Gospel is boldly proclaimed. It’s that simple.”

You can also utilize the following church-locator links. Even though we value and respect these ministries and their networks, a church’s inclusion in any of these networks should not be viewed as an endorsement by Trinity Christian Fellowship.