Prayer TeamWe see a church where people walk in and sense God’s presence and love filling their hearts like they’ve never experienced. And we believe that will happen as people pray the prayers that God would have them pray.

We are astounded by the way our God answers our prayers, and we are spurred on to celebrate and pray with more faith to “transform people into wholehearted followers of Jesus.

Prayer times take place during each service.

Life is hard sometimes. We all know this just from living it, and the truth is that things in this world aren’t the way they were supposed to be.

Now, we could give a big theologically accurate answer to explain why life is hard and be done with it. We do want to communicate God’s truth accurately, but we don’t want to do it without actually loving and caring for hurting people.

We can care for people because Jesus first cared for us. He is able to sympathize with us because he took on flesh, and he knows what it is like.