Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your church located?

We are located 1.5 miles east of Stanley on County Highway X. Our address is W11581 County Highway X. You can find directions here.

What time is your worship service?

Our weekly worship gathering is on Sunday mornings at 10am. We have coffee and snacks at 9:15am, so feel free to come and enjoy some caffeine and snacks!

How long is your Sunday service?

We shoot for our worship service to be about an hour and fifteen minutes, but sometimes we get started and we end up going a little longer than that. It is important to us to make time for God while still respecting your time! 

What are your services like?

We typically start off with a couple worship songs to help us turn our attention toward God. Then we have a short time where we teach from the Bible. When the teaching time is over, we like to sing some more. We feel like this gives us a chance to worship in response to what God is saying in a service. And yes, we play guitars and drums. But we are most concerned with creating a worship time, through music, teaching and giving, where you can encounter God. 

What should I wear?

We encourage you to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. People wear a variety of clothing styles, so wear whatever you would normally wear. You can even wear a suit and tie if you want to! Just relax and dress as you like. 

Do my children have anywhere to go?

Absolutely! We offer age appropriate classes for all children. We feel that children are every bit as important to the church as the adults, so we offer a lot more than “childcare”. We want them to encounter God as well!

Just show up, and one of our greeters will be happy to show you where the classrooms are. You may also want to take a look at our Kid’s Ministries page to learn more about what we offer children. 

Are you part of a denomination?

We are a part of the Vineyard Movement. The Vineyard was founded in 1982 in Southern California. We’ve never quite gotten to the point where we want to call ourselves a denomination, although we’re not exactly tiny. There are over 600 Vineyard churches in the U.S. alone (there are 1,500 churches worldwide). The Vineyard is known for its worship music, church planting, openness to the Holy Spirit, and its emphasis on the kingdom of God. 

How do I schedule my wedding or other event at TCF?

You can download our TCF Events Policies form for more information. 

I’m a nursing mom. Do you have anywhere private where I can take my baby to nurse if needed?

Yes! Our auditorium has a separate, private room just for nursing moms. You can continue to watch the service through a one-sided window as well as listen to the music and sermon through the speakers. 

I have a physical disability. Is there anything I should know?

First, we want to ensure you that you will be loved and treated with dignity here at TCF. We are blessed to have people in our community that have disabilities and believe that God has called the church to be a blessing in everyone’s lives. We also believe that people with disabilities can be a huge blessing to people too!

With that being said, we do have handicapped access through our building. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us

Do you have coffee? Can I take it into the service with me?

What kind of church would we be if we didn’t have coffee? Of course we offer complementary coffee! We actually have a small coffee bar in our auditorium,so it’s okay to drink in there. Our lead pastor is a bit of a coffee snob, so we do our best to have the best cup of coffee that you can get on Sunday mornings!

I don’t like to just sit on the sidelines and watch. Do you guys have ways for me to get involved?

We encourage everyone to get involved. We have a number of ways to get involved and serve. Check out our Ministries and if you don’t see something you’d like to be a part of, contact us and let us know what you have a heart for! Serving is a great way to grow in your relationship with Jesus and to make new friends!

I am shy and don’t want to be pressured to join anything, Is that okay?

One of our mottos is “come as you are.” We don’t want anyone to feel like they have to do anything. So don’t worry. You are totally free to just come and hang out and do whatever you are comfortable with. 

Who can attend your church?

Everyone.  (OK – nobody ever asks that question).