About Us

We are a community of people who gather together in the joy of delighting in God (Ps. 37:4). We welcome people from all walks of life and from every place in their journey with God. We exist to glorify God in all things for the love of all peoples through Jesus Christ. The members of TCF desire to live in the reality of Col. 1:18 – “that in everything Jesus might be preeminent.” For Jesus to have preeminence in our lives means that He has first place, so we do everything in order to bring glory to Him and to make Him first in our lives.

We are not just a building. Trinity Christian Fellowship is a group of people who Jesus has saved and sent to be missionaries. We rally around this common mission as we gather together as one giant family to worship Jesus from many locations and from many different backgrounds. You can expect a time of singing, prayer, and biblical preaching every Sunday as we fellowship and minister to each other!

Throughout the week we gather in smaller groups and as we grow larger, these close knit groups become more important to individual growth and towards our desire to build a healthy community. We believe this is one of the primary ways that we can (1) make disciples and (2) be discipled! We’ve found that these smaller community groups are essential to growing spiritually.

While having a mission statement can be helpful, we also realize that a mission statement is limited to words and ideas. Unless those words and ideas are embodied in the lives and hearts of the people expressing it, they are mere words. We want to embody our mission by doing more than merely confessing words – we also desire to live and share it!

Thus, this mission, guided by our vision, guards everything within our congregation. Regardless of what is happening, we are committed to pursuing God’s glory and loving people. We desire Christ’s name to be known and loved by all people all over the world!

Take a look around our website to learn more about us. Don’t be afraid to stop by, hang out, and ask questions!