Church NewsHey everyone! We’re nearing the end of the 2015 summer… can you believe it? It’s crazy to think that we’re going to be heading into the fall soon and that our kids are going to be going back to school. Wow… where did the time go?

I wanted to give everyone an update in case you missed the last couple of Sundays. I know summer time brings about a lot of good vacation time and I just wanted to catch you all up to speed!

Music Team Changes

For the past three years we’ve been blessed to have Justine Dzor serve on our music team. She’s become a loved part of our community and has been the primary music team vocalist and musicians. We love her deeply and are very thankful for all that she’s done!

Two weeks ago she shared with the church that she was going to be stepping down in order to deal with some areas of life that she needs to address. This was obviously a shock to many people, but I want to let you know that we’ll be okay. We trust that God is at work in her life and we also know that God is at work in our church community.

We’re currently working on getting our music team ready to keep going, so this isn’t the end of music at TCF! We’d love your prayer and support while we make this transition and lean heavily on Jesus! 

Two Services on Hold

Prior to our music team set backs, our ministry team had discussed where we were at in regards to going to two services. We’re still developing some of our teams and we really could use more volunteers for all of our ministries!

Due to our need to still develop some of our teams and ministries, we’re postponing going to two services. This is not due to any single person or connected at all to the music team challenges. This is simply because we want to make sure to transition to two services as strongly as we can.

Remember, our primary reason for going to two services is to create more room for the many new people who have come to TCF over the past couple of years and to create options for the community around us. We’ve done a lot of research and have had a number of people we respect and trust help us discern this process. We are at the place where going to two services is the next step for our church but we also need to do it as well as we can!

Friendship Sermon Series

On a more positive note, this September and October we’re going to be doing a sermon series on the subject of friendship. One of the most common challenges that people have, in my experience, is related to friendship. It would seem that it’s very difficult to understand how to have and, more importantly, be a good friend!

This past year I read two books that really influenced me: Paul J Wadell’s Becoming Friends: Worship, Justice, and the Practice of Christian Friendship and Wesley Hill’s Spiritual Friendship. In many ways I was undone as the Holy Spirit worked through these two books to really challenge my understanding of friendship. It would seem that being a friend is far more important than I realized and the role that friendship has in our spiritual formation is far more important than I realized.

So our teaching team is going to explore and explain how Scripture and the Christian tradition challenges us to value friendship in a way that many of us may have never really thought about.

Needless to say, I’m very excited! This would be a great sermon series to invite your friends and family to and anyone else for that matter!

Free-4-All Event

On Saturday, Aug. 29th, we’re hosting our annual Free-4-All event from 11am to 3pm. This is a community event we host where we provide as many services as we can for our neighbors! We’re still looking for volunteers and could use your help! Let us know if you are interested in helping!