“Discovering God’s Mission,” our summer sermon series

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Discovering God's MissionThroughout the summer of 2015, we’ll be in a sermon series titled “Discovering God’s Mission.” While churches often think about mission through the lens of international missions or what a church identifies as its own unique missions, Trinity Christian Fellowship will be exploring God’s mission!

In the past few months, our leadership has identified and explained our mission and vision as follows:

Our mission is to proclaim and live under the rule and reign of God for the redemption of the world. If we do this, we will:

  • Love all people.
  • Reach the lost.
  • Make disciples.
  • Bless the nations.
  • Serve the poor. 
  • Heal the broken.
  • Advocate God’s justice.

Our vision is to see Northern WI and beyond transformed by the power and presence of Jesus and his kingdom.

Join us as we flesh out and explore the different aspects of God’s mission and what this means for us as a church community!